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October 31, 2018 2 min read

Most people gain fat during the end-of-year holiday season. They eat anything and everything in sight. You don't have to be most people. Find out how to start off the New Year lean! You know the drill. Most people gain fat over the end of year holiday season. They eat anything and everything in sight. There are plenty of social gatherings and they all center around food! And not just any food but holiday food like pies loaded with tons of sugar and calories not to mention all the processed food available.

In addition to this, there are plenty of time constraints well, so not only do we eat poorly; we tend to skip workouts or stop working out altogether over the holiday season.

So what the heck can you do to prevent this? How do you overcome the holiday challenges of:

❗️Too little time

❗️Too many holiday parties

❗️Too much stress

❗️Being surrounded by people constantly encouraging you to 'enjoy' the holidays (i.e., eat and drink lots of bad stuff!)

You don’t need to wake up on New Year’s Day and hate what you see. The great thing is, you can do both! You can enjoy the holiday season and improve your health and fitness. It does not have to be one or the other. This brings us to step number one.

Be prepared - You can either make excuses or we can take positive action. Set some goals. You have 10 pounds you want to get rid of during the holidays? It won’t be easy but if you set a goal to do it you will look at the holidays very differently

Nutrition with a mission - When you are prepared you can indulge in your favorites without your fitness goals falling apart. Try to do this: increase your fiber intake (green vegetables like broccoli or fruits likes berries, melon and oranges. Next, make sure you get enough good fats (MCT oil, peanut butter, egg yolks.)


Make HIIT a focal point - In order to maximize your chances of avoiding holiday weight gain and improving your fitness, not to mention finding the time to fit your workouts into your schedule, we're going to be performing high intensity interval training. High intensity interval training will help you burn fat faster and with much less overall training time, eliminating the no time excuse of the holidays.


By putting all these things into play, you can not only avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain syndrome, you can make improvements in your body over the holidays, and all this will leave you pumped up and motivated for the new year instead of frustrated and upset because you let yourself backslide over the holidays.