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No Ordinary MCT Oil

✅ Easy to digest and gentle on the stomach. Readily absorbed by GI tract & metabolized by the liver - not stored as fat

✅ Naturally improves mental focus, brain function, mood and endurance

✅ Boosts energy levels by increasing Ketones - ideal for Ketogenic diet

✅ Promotes health digestion and weight management - keeping you satisfied and craving free

✅ Ideal for travel and on-the-go. Not a drop of oil, convenient soft gel capsule


Extracted carefully from the pulp of coconuts without the use of harmful chemicals this popular product converts quickly into energy instead of being stored as fat. Add this to your coffee in the mornings for an extra energy kick. Curb your hunger. Kick your brain into a higher gear while burning fat along with proper diet and exercise.



Medium Chain Triglycerides 800 Mg Other Ingredients:Gelatin, FD&C Red # 40



As a dietary supplement, adults take one (1) capsule daily preferably with a meal as recommended by a physician.


Easy to digest

Provides Mental Clarity and Focus

Ideal for Maintaining Ketosis

100 % Safe and Effective

Supports Healthy Weight Loss

Increases Energy Levels

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